Curiosity: Getting to know the ridge

1867-navcam1867-mahliSol 1867, November 6, 2017. As Curiosity continues exploring Vera Rubin Ridge, it is nearing rock layers that are missing (through erosion) on the parts of the ridge that the rover first encountered. Above is the Navcam view.

1867MH0003690000702228R00_DXXXAt top right, a two-frame Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) composite shows Barberton, a target showing nodular features. One nodule (left center) appears freshly broken off. At bottom right is Campbellrand, another target of interest, in a second MAHLI view.

These MAHLI images were taken at night using Curiosity’s white-light LEDs. Click any image to enlarge it.

Sol 1867 raw images (from all cameras), and Curiosity’s latest location.

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