Curiosity update: Stuffed with science

NLB_564304293EDR_S0670000NCAM00251M_-br2Sol 1882-88, November 21, 2017, update by MSL scientist Ryan Anderson: This week we put together two extra-large helpings of science to get us through the Thanksgiving holiday. The first plan covers sols 1882 through 1886 and much like my plan for after Thanksgiving dinner, will mostly involve sitting in one place and not moving. Instead of a turkey, Curiosity will be cooking a sample of “Ogunquit Beach” in the SAM EGA oven.

Before that happens, we’ll use MARDI to look at the ground under the rover to see if anything has moved while we have been sitting at this location. Then, pre-dawn on sol 1883 ChemCam will analyze the rock target “Lebombo” and the soil “Oaktree” to look for evidence of frost. Then, on sol 1885 we have a whole bunch of side dishes in the form of remote sensing. Mastcam will collect multispectral observations of the target “Hexriver” and ChemCam will analyze the targets “Klipfonteinheuwel” and “Klippan.” I also advocated for ChemCam to use the RMI to take a closer look at an interesting geologic contact on Mt. Sharp. [More at link]

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