Curiosity update: Back to the grind

NLB_565022803EDR_F0670216NCAM00252M_-br2Sol 1889-90, November 27, 2017, update by MSL scientist Scott Guzewich: While many of us spent the holiday weekend relaxing with friends and family, Curiosity took no rest on Mars and continued working hard today. The Thanksgiving plan included some unusual activities, but today was back to more typical operations with a “touch-and-go” sol planned. On the first sol of the plan, we scheduled contact science with APXS and MAHLI in addition to a ChemCam observation of a rock target termed “Lyttelton” and then Mastcam imaging of a possible impact crater nearby termed “Beit” (the round-looking feature in the middle of this Navcam image). Following that, Curiosity will drive approximately 40 meters toward our next stop of the Vera Rubin Ridge science… [More at link]

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