Curiosity update: Layers of fun!

1923ML0100390050704469E01_DXXX-br2Sol 1927-28, January 5, 2018, update by MSL scientist Michelle Minitti: Today’s image is a color version of part of the workspace image from the Sol 1925-1926 blog, which shows in greater detail the numerous layers and color variations that kept us at this spot for another round of science observations. Exploring more of the steps in our staircase-like workspace was the name of the game today. The MAHLI mosaics acquired on Sol 1925 from the targets “Jura” and “Crinan,” near the bottom of the workspace, were intriguing enough to lead ChemCam to analyze both of them with rasters that crossed over multiple layers exposed in these targets. Also near the bottom of the workspace, the target “Craighead,” a gray rock cut by criss-crossing sulfate veins, will first be brushed by the Dust Removal Tool (DRT), and then imaged by MAHLI and analyzed by APXS. In between the targets Crinan and “Assynt” (another Sol 1925 target), ChemCam will shoot the target “Brodick” to add to our… [More at link]

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