Curiosity update: Aiming for pay dirt

NLB_568662787EDR_F0672140NCAM00274M_-br2Sol 1929-30, January 8, 2018, update by MSL scientist Scott Guzewich: For the last several weeks, Curiosity has been hopping between areas of bluish toned rocks on the Vera Rubin Ridge and the results from these locations continue to become more compelling. Our next blue-toned destination has informally been called “Stop E” (the light-colored bedrock material in the depression near the top of the image) and today we had made a unanimous decision to get there as quickly as possible on the second sol of our plan, Sol 1930.

That’s not to say we will be ignoring the current location en route! We planned contact science for Sol 1929 with APXS and MAHLI on a bedrock target termed “Banff” as well as an associated ChemCam LIBS raster and Mastcam images. We also targeted ChemCam and Mastcam on targets “Bass Rock” and… [More at link]

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