Curiosity update: Finishing up observations of Ogunquit Beach

FRB_572482889EDR_F0680580FHAZ00337M_-br2Sol 1972, February 22, 2018, update by MSL scientist Abigail Fraeman: Tosol we planned to finish up our suite of observations on the “Ogunquit Beach” sand sample that was off-loaded from the rover over the weekend. As described in yesterday’s blog, the rover had dumped two piles of the Ogunquit Beach sample – a pre-sieved and post-sieved portion – on the ground in front of us. Because we spent yestersol observing the pre-sieved dump pile with MAHLI and APXS, we are now ready to blast that pile around with ChemCam’s laser, which we will do in today’s plan! [More at link]

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