Opportunity: Backing away from Aguas Calientes

5038-navcam1P575437802ESFD1C6P2535L5M1_L4L5L5L5L6Sol 5038, March 27, 2018. Opportunity backed uphill away from the Aguas Calientes grind target a distance of a meter (40 inches). Then the Pancam shot (right) a multi-filtered set of frames showing the grind target and nearby parts of the Ysleta del Sur outcrop (false-color: Holger Isenberg).

The rover then backed up about a foot farther, and the Navcam shot a three-frame sequence (above). This shows the south side of the Perseverance Valley channel in the foreground and the rim segments and floor of Endeavour Crater extending off to the south. Click either image to enlarge it.

Opportunity raw images, its latest mission status, location map, and atmospheric opacity, known as tau.

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