Curiosity update: Today is a Shetland day!

2005ML0105290100306549E02_DXXX-br2Sol 2007, March 29, 2018, update by MSL scientist Mark Salvatore: The science team today had a few tough decisions to make to balance time and power. The three activities that must be balanced were arm activities (including high-resolution imaging and chemistry measurements), remote activities (including multispectral imaging and remote chemistry analyses), and driving to our next location along the Vera Rubin Ridge. The team obviously doesn’t want to drive away from interesting locations that haven’t been fully investigated, so there was a lot of discussion regarding whether we’ve fully characterized this extremely interesting region. At the end of the discussion, the team decided to forego any arm activities, which would allow Curiosity to obtain several more remote measurements before hitting the road towards the next location. The plan is for Curiosity to begin her drive eastward in the early afternoon, towards another well-exposed outcrop on top of the Vera Rubin Ridge.

Curiosity will begin her science investigations around 10:45am local time, when she will acquire Mastcam multispectral data for three science targets investigated over the previous two days (“Stranraer,” “Burghead,” and “Walls Peninsula”), in addition to a multispectral image of the calibration target. Curiosity will then switch to… [More at link]

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