Opportunity: Toward the valley’s southern side

5040-navcam1P575613610ESFD200P2536L5M1_L4L5L5L5L6Sol 5040, March 29, 2018. The rover took a set of Pancam frames with Aguas Calientes in full sunlight, then it turned to the south-southeast and motored a distance of 4.2 meters (almost 14 feet). This moved Opportunity toward the southern side of the Perseverance Valley channels.

1R575619110EFFD225P1312R0M1Above, the post-drive view by the Navcam looking south, at right is a false-color Pancam (Holger Isenberg) of Aguas Calientes, and below that, the view out the rear Hazcam showing the wheel tracks away from the Ysleta del Sur outcrop.  Click any image to enlarge it.

Opportunity raw images, its latest mission status, location map, and atmospheric opacity, known as tau.

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