Curiosity update: Rock garden

2017-navcamSol 2018, April 9, 2018, update by MSL scientist Scott Guzewich: An eclectic mix of rock targets has kept our team’s attention for another sol today. The sheer number of possible science investigations led us to initially oversubscribing our science plan and thus needing to prioritize. After a brief discussion, GEO decided to set today as a full contact science sol, with APXS integrations and MAHLI images of targets “Hopeman” and “Askival”, with additional MAHLI images of “Tyndrum2″ and “Ledmore”. What is especially unusual about today’s plan is that we will use MAHLI’s capability to shine a (UV) light on the situation and image “Askival” after sunset. In addition to that full contact science agenda, ChemCam will conduct LIBS rasters on “Ardgour” and “Rousay” and then conduct a depth profile at “Askival”. A depth profile is where ChemCam shoots its laser at the… [More at link]

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