Curiosity update: Go west, young rover

NLB_578509114EDR_F0700552NCAM00298M_-br2Sol 2040, May 3, 2018, update by MSL scientist Ryan Anderson: Our drive from Sol 2039 was successful, and the plan for sol 2040 is to continue driving to the west. Before we do that, ChemCam will analyze the bedrock target “Prairie Lake” and the loose rock “Gowan”. Mastcam will take a single image to document both targets, as well as an image of the autonomously-selected target observed after the sol 2039 drive. Mastcam also has a 9-frame mosaic of an interesting crack in the soil near the rover. The targeted science block will wrap up with a Navcam movie to watch for clouds over Mt. Sharp.¬†After the drive, in addition… [More at link]

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