Curiosity update: Bump to Duluth

NLB_579659193EDR_F0701668NCAM00312M_-br2Sol 2053, May 15, 2018, update by MSL scientist Rachel Kronyak: A successful drive on Sol 2052 brought Curiosity within bumping distance of what will likely be our next intended drill target. The science team named this target “Duluth.” Duluth is a beautifully exposed Murray formation block visible in the Navcam image above. From our current location, we have a really nice vantage point of both the top and sides of the Duluth block. Analyzing blocks that have this kind of 3-D expression gives us a great opportunity to assess the full architecture of the rock.

Today we planned Sol 2053, which includes a science block prior to our bump. In the science block, we’ll acquire several ChemCam LIBS rasters on targets “Pine Mountain” and “Windigo,” both of which are… [More at link]

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