Curiosity update: It’s a SAMple party!

CR0_581617793PRC_F0701752CCAM01074L1-br2Sol 2075, June 7, 2018, update by MSL scientist Rachel Kronyak: Today, Sol 2075, was a fairly straightforward day of planning, as most of the plan will be devoted to carrying out a methane experiment with our SAM instrument to analyze an atmospheric sample. On the plus side, we were able to squeeze in about 45 minutes of additional science block time, which was split between our Environmental (ENV) and Geologic (GEO) theme groups. ENV will perform several atmospheric monitoring activities to assess dust opacity with Navcam and Mastcam, including a few line-of-sight images and a tau measurement. ENV will also take a series of images with Navcam to look for dust devils as well as a deck monitoring image with Mastcam… [More at link]

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