MARCI weather report, June 11-17, 2018

MARCI-June-16-2018The massive dust storm reported in the previous update, persisted over many regions of Mars last week. At the beginning of the week, a local-scale dust storm was spotted southwest of Gale Crater. Active lifting associated with the major storm was observed over Hellas, Utopia, and Cimmeria. This activity caused most of the eastern hemisphere to be obscured by dust, including the Curiosity rover site in Gale Crater. The western hemisphere experienced transient dust storms above Solis, Daedalia, and east of the volcanoes, Pavonis and Arsia. Orographic water-ice clouds were present over Alba Mons and Tempe Terra for much of the week. Looking to the southern hemisphere, dust haze lofted… [More at link, including video]

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