Curiosity update: Dusty skies

NLB_582507803EDR_F0710000NCAM00267M_-br2Sol 2086, June 20, 2018, update by MSL scientist Scott Guzewich:  The dust storm that is challenging Opportunity closed in on Gale Crater over the weekend with a substantial increase in dust levels. The storm is no threat to nuclear-powered Curiosity and provides an amazing chance for new science. This is the first chance to take surface meteorological measurements from inside such a large dust storm. Two sols ago, this [right] was the murky view from Navcam looking behind the rover and the amount of dust increased even more as of yestersol.

Today’s plan features a wide range of observations to study the storm as part of our “dust storm campaign” including a Navcam dust devil survey, suprahorizon movie, and a zenith movie. We’re also testing how quickly the amount of dust varies by doing a pair of Navcam line-of-sight dust measurements 15 minutes apart and… [More at link]

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