Curiosity update: ‘Ben’ there

NRB_585342760EDR_F0720000NCAM00253M_-br2Sols 2117-19, July 20, 2018, update by MSL scientist Michelle Minitti: Curiosity made great progress yesterday across the “Vera Rubin Ridge” toward the site of our next drilling attempt at “Sgurr of Eigg”. In this weekend plan, we will collect more data about the ridge materials around us, and the sky above us, before embarking on a ~12 m drive to Sgurr of Eigg. We drove back into the Torridon quadrangle, so the target names once again have Scottish flavor. ChemCam shot three targets, each with a different characteristic. “Ben Stack” is a representative laminated bedrock target, “Ben Avon” is bedrock with small nodular features throughout it, and “Ben Lawers” includes a thin, resistant layer jutting out above the laminated bedrock surrounding it. APXS will also analyze a… [More at link]

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