Curiosity update: Try, try, and try again

FRB_586942111EDR_F0721316FHAZ00337M_-br2Sols 2136-37, August 8, 2018, update by MSL scientist Sarah Lamm: After two sols of analyzing our intended drill site in the Pettegrove Point member, we began plans to drill the target “Stoer.” Stoer has had Mastcam images, MAHLI images, APXS, and ChemCam observations acquired over the past two sols. The two previous drill attempts in this geologic member have not been able to get to successful depth since the rocks have been more resistant than what we saw earlier in the mission. Pettegrove Point is an important area to get a drill sample from because it is categorized as lower Vera Rubin Ridge. Curiosity has previously visited this area of Pettegrove Point on Sol 2097. On that sol we had a target “Caithness” which is close to our intended drill hole, Stoer. This is the last drill attempt in Pettegrove Point… [More at link]

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