Curiosity update: It always looks grayer on the other side!

2163ML0116560010803622E01_DXXX-br2Sols 2165-67, September 10, 2018, update by MSL scientist Sean Czarnecki: Curiosity’s last plan didn’t quite get our intrepid rover close enough to our next potential drill location in the gray bedrock that is visually distinct on this part of Vera Rubin Ridge. This weekend’s plan was intended to be “Drill Sol 1,” but since it would require at least another short drive to drill, the team decided to choose another target a little further away that will provide a better science return. So the weekend plan now includes a short drive to our new drill target.

Before we drive, ChemCam will measure the chemistry of the targets “Great Bernera,” “Great Glen,” and “Great Todday;” Mastcam will take images of these same targets including a multispectral observation of Great Todday; and APXS will measure the chemistry of targets “Trollochy,” “Burn O Vat,” and “Portobello.” These observations are intended to document the compositional diversity of the gray and red bedrock at this location by documenting the transition from gray to red… [More at link]

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