Curiosity update: Is THIS the red Jura we are looking for?

2256ML0120800040804833E01_DXXX-br2Sol 2258-59, December 13, 2018, update by MSL scientist Michelle Minitti: The drive around to the north side of “Rock Hall” in yesterday’s plan was successful, placing us at a lower tilt and with room in the workspace to place all the piles of sample we drop on the surface (purposely!) in the aftermath of drilling. Yesterday’s observations of Rock Hall gave us confidence that we were at a promising red Jura target for drilling. ChemCam rasters across three different targets on Rock Hall indicated the slab had chemistry and spectral character consistent with red Jura. Mastcam images focused on the slab demonstrated that while it was dusty in flatter areas, and covered with scattered, loose gray and red pebbles in others, the slab had the red, shiny appearance we associate with red Jura. This placed us farther down the path toward drilling red Jura than we had been with any of our previous sites… [More at link]

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