Curiosity update: Capturing light into the new year

2264MR0121100030106597C00_DXXSols 2276-78, December 21, 2018, update by MSL scientist Fred Calef: As we cross the winter solstice and daylight lengthens here on Earth, the Vera Rubin Ridge campaign on Mars is shortening up towards a science-filled end ‘capturing the light’ across all its splendid spectrum. On sol 2276, the plan includes a CheMin analysis to illuminate the drill sample “Rock Hall” in X-ray light, staring at the plasma glow from the ultra violet through the visible into the near infrared (what you see with your eyes and slightly beyond) from ChemCam on bedrock targets “Auchenheath,” “Firth of Forth,” and “Port Charlotte” as well as a panchromatic (artsy black and white) RMI mosaic of the large white vein “Hopetoun.” All these targets also get viewed in their red-green-blues (i.e. color) using Mastcam… [More at link]

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