Curiosity update: Drilling activity completed, almost

FLA_600434459EDR_F0731206FHAZ00337M_-br2Sols 2288-90, January 11, 2019, update by MSL scientist Suzanne Schwenzer: We will soon be leaving the Rock Hall area, thus this one last look at the drill site from a hazard camera perspective. Seeing those holes always is special, even for #19!

In today’s planning, we will dump the remaining rock powder from the drill and investigate it with all instruments, starting with APXS, which will perform a two-step raster. Sol 2288 contains a range of ENV investigations, dedicating the morning science block on sol 2288 to a passive sky observation and a Mastcam tau to see how the dust loading in the atmosphere is changing. The science block of sol 2289 is dedicated to spectral analysis of the dump pile with ChemCam passive and Mastcam multispectral investigations… [More at link]

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