Curiosity update: Hopping from outcrop to outcrop

NLB_606740299EDR_F0750750NCAM00297M_-br2Sols 2359-60, March 25, 2019, update by MSL scientist Vivian Sun: At the start of Sol 2359, Curiosity found herself parked in front of some layered bedrock outcrops (see above image), a rarity in the rubbly landscapes that we’ve explored so far in the clay-bearing unit. We were constrained by power in today’s plan, but managed to make use of every available minute for science.

As part of our routine documentation of the chemical and textural variations in this region, APXS and MAHLI will be making observations of “Rutherglen” to measure composition and detailed texture. ChemCam will also measure the composition of “Woodland Bay,” another bedrock exposure in the workspace. We will also take a couple of Mastcam mosaics – one of the entire workspace to get a better look at the outcrop layering and structure, and to bring color to the tonal variations in the Navcam images. Another Mastcam mosaic will be of “Goosander,” an aeolian bedform that also shows tonal variations, visible at the top of the above image. [More at link]

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