Curiosity update: Drilling on the horizon?

NLB_607099615EDR_F0751128NCAM00250M_-br2Sols 2363-64, April 1, 2019, update by MSL engineer Ashley Stroupe: Curiosity is getting close to the area in which we next want to drill. We are possibly as close as 2-3 drives (including today’s) away from our next drill target! But before heading off, we are taking a lot of imaging with ChemCam and Mastcam of the local features – including some close-by small sand ripples and some of the pebbles in our workspace in order to help understand the relationship. We are also doing contact science with MAHLI and APXS on two small targets, Maud and Ardnamurchan; Maud will be partially “cleaned” by ChemCam so APXS might have a better view despite the target being too small to brush. We also continue our atmospheric studies, as we seem to be in a fairly windy period, including a dust devil movie and a tau measurement… [More at link]

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