Curiosity update: This is why we came to Gale

NRB_607712488EDR_F0751386NCAM00225M_-br2Sols 2369-71, April 5, 2019, update by MSL scientist Scott Guzewich: We are go for full drill! Today’s plan will see Curiosity execute the final preparatory steps and then drill at our “Aberlady” bedrock target (seen here underneath the rover’s arm and turret during the pre-drill APXS measurement) . This is a moment that the mission has been waiting for since Gale Crater was chosen as our landing site 8 (Earth) years ago! The clay bearing unit on the slopes of Mt. Sharp, which the rover is now parked on, is one of the primary reasons Gale Crater was selected over other competing landing sites and Curiosity’s suite of instruments is tailor made to investigate what materials comprise it. [More at link]

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