Curiosity update: Putting the L in MSL

NRB_609583134EDR_S0751398NCAM00595M_-br2Sols 2393-94, April 29, 2019, update by MSL scientist Ryan Anderson: Today’s main activities use the “laboratory” instruments SAM and CheMin inside of Curiosity to analyze some of the powder from the Kilmarie drill hole. SAM will do an Evolved Gas Analysis, which involves heating the sample and measuring the gases that are generated, and CheMin will do its usual analysis, shining x-rays through the sample to determine what minerals are present. Power was on the low side today, and initially we thought there wouldn’t be much of a chance to do other science, but our resourceful team was able to fit two small science blocks into the plan.

On sol 2393 the afternoon science block is dedicated to atmospheric observations. Navcam will watch for dust devils and clouds, and Mastcam will look at the sun and the sky to figure out how much dust is in the atmosphere and what its properties are.

On Sol 2394, Navcam will do two more dust devil surveys, and then ChemCam will take over. ChemCam will do a passive (no laser) observation of the Kilmarie drill tailings, and then will zap two bedrock targets, “Tolmount” and “Tiffany,” to continue to document the variable bedrock chemistry in the area. Mastcam will then take a picture documenting the two ChemCam targets… [More at link]

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