Curiosity update: Back to work after a weekend at the beach

NRB_611622239EDR_F0751916NCAM00266M_-br2Sol 2413, May 20, 2019, update by MSL scientist Mariah Baker: After spending the weekend playing in the sand of a nearby ripple field, Curiosity is back on the move, searching for our next drill target. Since nothing in our current workspace stuck out as an obvious drill candidate, we planned a ~10 meter drive south towards an area that may be more promising.

But there is still lots to get done here before we leave, including targeting “Galashiels” with APXS and more distant “Hallaig” with the ChemCam LIBS instrument in order to characterize the chemical composition of these rocks. Although unreachable from our current position, “Hallaig” is being considered for drilling pending the ChemCam results. Tosol’s plan also included a Mastcam stereo mosaic of the southern side of the Vera Rubin Ridge, which displays an interesting rubbly texture. The rover’s current location is the closest we will ever get to this side of the ridge, so… [More at link]

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