Curiosity update: Climbing higher

NLB_614914027EDR_F0761384NCAM00294M_-br2Sols 2451-53, June 28, 2019, update by MSL scientist Roger Wiens: Curiosity has been a bit down lately — in elevation. After exploring the top of Vera Rubin Ridge (VRR) last year, the rover descended into a trough south of the ridge, dropping as much as 15 meters in elevation this spring to explore part of the clay-bearing unit. Curiosity is now back to the highest elevation that it achieved before it left the ridge, about -4140 meters relative to the reference level representing zero elevation on Mars. The image shows the rim of the crater once again visible above Vera Rubin Ridge. Curiosity will continue to climb higher as it explores the rest of the Glen Torridon and then moves on to the sulfate unit and Greenheugh Pediment. [More at link]

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