Curiosity update: Additional contact science and a soliday at Sandside Harbour

NLB_616782180EDR_F0762194NCAM00207M_-br2Sols 2472-73, July 22, 2019, update by MSL scientist Lauren Edgar: Curiosity is still parked in front of an outcrop known as “Sandside Harbour” in order to investigate differences in the lighter and darker outcrop expressions. Contact science in the previous plan went well, and today we have one more opportunity to look for differences in sedimentary structures and composition before driving on to the next outcrop.

The plan starts with Mastcam multispectral observations to characterize the two different parts of this outcrop, as well as a unique fin of bedrock sticking out at “Joppa Shore.” Mastcam will also be used to document some nearby stratigraphy at “North Minch” and an interesting green rock named “Halkirk.” Then ChemCam will assess the chemistry of “Blackstones Bank” (part of the darker outcrop) and “Essendy”…. [More at link]

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