Curiosity: Sol 568, March 12, 2014

kimberley_hillsThe hills of Kimberley in view? The outcrop dubbed Kimberley is Curiosity’s next major waypoint. From where the rover took this image (link shows full frame), Kimberley lies downhill behind the low outcrop directly in front. Kimberley itself is a broad, low expanse of rock lying between several hills, each 3 or 4 meters high. The arrows indicate what may be some of them. To get there, Curiosity will likely go around to the left of the foreground outcrop.

NASA caption: This image was taken by Navcam: Left B (NAV_LEFT_B) onboard NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 568 (2014-03-12 18:33:48 UTC).

More Sol 568 images (from all cameras), and the rover’s latest location map.

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