Liquid water and water Ice on Gale Crater, Mars

image-1Planetary Geomorphology Image of the Month, September 2014: Alberto G. Fairén, (Cornell University and Centro de Astrobiología, Spain).

Gale Crater, the site of the currently active Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) or Curiosity Rover mission, is a ~154-km-diameter impact crater formed during the Late Noachian/Early Hesperian at the dichotomy boundary on Mars (Cabrol et al., 1999; Anderson and Bell III, 2010; Wray, 2013). The northern floor and rim of Gale are ~1–2 km lower in elevation than its southern floor and rim, and the crater shows a layered central mound named Aeolis Mons, which is 100 km wide, extends over an area of 6000 km2, and is up to 5 km in height (Malin and Edgett, 2000)…. [More at link]

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