Curiosity update: Taking our time for science

1989MH0002640000800096E01_DXXX-br2Sol 1991-92, March 12, 2018, update by MSL scientist Ryan Anderson: After a successful weekend plan, the team decided that for the sol 1991-1992 plan, we would trade a longer-distance drive in favor of some “touch and go” contact science. This ensures that we have a good record of the variations in chemistry and rock texture as we drive along the Vera Rubin Ridge. The plan starts with a short APXS observation of the target “Seaforth Head” along with MAHLI images of the same target. ChemCam and Mastcam also join in the fun, analyzing Seaforth Head as well as the target “Canisp”. After those observations are finished, Curiosity will drive about 15 meters and collect the usual post-drive images.

On Sol 1992, we have an untargeted science block full of ChemCam activities. ChemCam will use autonomous targeting to analyze a patch of bedrock, and then will observe the titanium calibration target. After that, ChemCam will take advantage of the clear skies and nice vantage point… [More at link]

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