Curiosity update: ‘Brushing off dust at Book Cliffs’

0810MH0001930000300998R00_DXXX-br2Sol 813, November 18, 2014, update from USGS Scientist Lauren Edgar: “After a successful drive on Sol 812, Curiosity is well positioned for contact science at the Book Cliffs outcrop.  We’ve been taking some really interesting MAHLI images lately, including this one from Sol 810 of the target “Potatoe” [image right]. The plan today is to use the Dust Removal Tool to clear off a fresh surface at the lower part of Book Cliffs (at a target named “Punchbowl”), and then characterize the cleared surface using the MAHLI and APXS instruments. We’ll acquire MAHLI images under different lighting conditions to study the rock textures, and APXS will provide…” [More at link]

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