MOM: Tyrrhenus Mons, Pital Crater

Picture2Image of Tyrrhenus Mons in Hesperia Planum region taken by Mars Color Camera (MCC) on 25-02-2015 at a spatial resolution of 166m from an altitude of 3192km. (…)  NE-SW oriented fractures indicate stresses due to volcanic process in this region.  Approximate direction of wind which created the wind streaks is East-West.

Picture1.1-editedPital crater (bottom image) is an impact crater located in Ophir Planum region of Mars, which is located in the eastern part of Valles Marineris region. This  image is taken by Mars Color Camera (MCC) on 23-04-2015 at a spatial resolution of  ~42 m from an altitude of 808 km. (…) Most of craters observed on planetary surfaces are circular in shape. Some of the crters are in elliptical shape.  However, this Pital crater is in different shape… [More at links]

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