Curiosity update: ‘Successful drill at Big Sky’

1119MH0003990010401460C00_DXXX-br2Sol 1121-1122, September 30, 2015, update from USGS scientist Ryan Anderson: Success! Our drill at “Big Sky” went perfectly! On Sol 1121, the rover will transfer some of the powder from Big Sky to CheMin so that it can begin analyzing the mineralogy of the sample. Also on Sol 1121, ChemCam has an observation of the target “Minnekahta”. Mastcam will document the ChemCam location and also take a picture of the location on the ground where Big Sky material will be dumped.

On Sol 1122, ChemCam has observations of targets “Kippen,” “Kalispell,” and “Big Snowies.” Mastcam will document these targets and take a 4×1 mosaic of the lower portion of Mt. Sharp. Navcam will be used to take a movie about the northern rim of Gale crater to search for any clouds. [More at link]

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