Curiosity update: ‘A feast of activities’

NLB_501632366EDR_F0510874NCAM00255M_Sol 1174-76, November 24, 2015, update from USGS scientist Lauren Edgar: As many Americans are making plans for Thanksgiving, we’re making sure that Curiosity has plenty to do over the holiday weekend.  On Sol 1173, Curiosity drove 45 m to the south, which put us in a great position in front of a small sandsheet and the stoss side of a large dune.

Today we’re planning 3 sols to cover part of the long weekend (we’ll plan an additional 3 sols tomorrow).  I was the Geology Science Theme Lead today, and it was a real challenge to fit everything into the plan while staying within our power constraints.  On the first sol, Curiosity will acquire ChemCam and Mastcam on a small patch of sand to assess its composition and morphology.  Then we’ll drive… [More at link]

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