Curiosity update: Wrapping it up at Lubango

NLB_515132770EDR_F0540746NCAM00207M_-br2Sol 1326-29, April 29, 2016, update from USGS scientist Ryan Anderson: After a nice rest on Sol 1325, Curiosity was charged up and ready for lots of science! On Sol 1326, we started off with multispectral Mastcam observations of the pile of dumped powder from the “Lubango” drill target and the targets “Rubikon” and “Ebony”. Then ChemCam had a passive observation of the dump pile, followed by active observations using the laser on Rubikon as well as “Ida” and “Lorelei”. Mastcam documented the ChemCam observations as usual, and then finished the science block with an atmospheric observation. Later in the day on Sol 1326, MAHLI observed the dump pile and drill tailings, as well as a bedrock target called “Nara Valley”. Finally, APXS had an overnight observation of the dump pile. [More at link]

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