Curiosity update: On the road again

NRB_518773228EDR_F0542280NCAM00320M_Sol 1368-70, June 10, 2016, update from USGS scientist Lauren Edgar: We received the engineering data that we needed to proceed with the final science activities at the Oudam drill site.  Today’s plan is focused on analyzing the pre-sieve dump pile and getting on the road again.

The three-sol plan starts by moving the arm out of the way so we can target the workspace.  First we’ll acquire a ChemCam passive observation on the pre-sieve dump pile, followed by several ChemCam and Mastcam observations of nearby veins.  Then we’ll use all of the Mastcam filters to study the DRT target “Aubures,” and we’ll acquire a Mastcam mosaic to document the local geology.  We’ll also target two areas to look for changes and the movement of fine-grained material.  Then we’ll move the arm back to the dump pile for MAHLI and APXS observations.  [More at link]

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