Curiosity update: Arm fault

FRB_537309558EDR_F0600180FHAZ00190M_Sol 1576, January 10, 2017, update by USGS scientist Ken Herkenhoff: MSL planning started 2 hours later than usual today because the Sol 1575 data needed for planning weren’t expected until almost 10 AM PST.  Unfortunately, the news was not good:  An arm fault prevented the MAHLI full suite from completing, leaving the camera close to the surface with its dust cover open.  The remote science and drive that were planned to follow were also precluded.  Fortunately, this fault has occurred before and is well understood, but recovering from the anomaly made for a rather hectic day for me as SOWG Chair!  The first order of business was to get MAHLI into a safe configuration, so the Sol 1576 plan starts with a single MAHLI image to look for evidence… [More at link]

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