Curiosity update: Dead River, Misery, and Boil Mountain?

NRB_538748736EDR_F0602346NCAM00346M_Sol 1593-95 January 27, 2017, update by USGS scientist Lauren Edgar: Looks like the team had some fun using the less desirable names for rock targets in today’s plan!  These are all named after rock formations and geologic features from Bar Harbor, Maine.  MSL drove another 8 meters on Sol 1591, and we’ll continue to drive in the weekend plan.  The three-sol plan starts with a few data management activities for Mastcam and MAHLI, and a recovery sequence to restart ChemCam after it has been marked sick.  Then we’ll take some Mastcam mosaics of “Dead River” and “Boil Mountain” to investigate laminations within the Murray formation and provide some context imaging of the “Misery” outcrop.  Then we’ll use MAHLI and APXS to study “Misery” and… [More at link]

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