Curiosity update: Bagnold Dunes 2: Electric Boogaloo

NLB_539621513EDR_F0603162NCAM00260M_-br2Sol 1602, February 7, 2017, update by USGS scientist Ryan Anderson: The weekend plan went well and today we begin the second half of the campaign to study the “Bagnold Dunes”.

The Sol 1602 plan starts off with two Mastcam mosaics of the dunes which will be repeated several times later in the sol to watch for changes. Navcam also has a dust devil monitoring observation in the morning science block.

Around midday, Mastcam will do a couple of measurements to determine the amount of dust in the atmosphere, and ChemCam will do an active LIBS observation of the soil target “Mapleton” as the final step in the diagnostics that will allow it to return to active duty! In addition to change detection, Mastcam has a stereo image of some bedforms at “Flume Ridge,” a 9×2 mosaic of the… [More at link]

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