Curiosity update: Driving again

NRB_541744951EDR_F0611140NCAM00234M_Sol 1627-29, March 3, 2017, update by USGS scientist Lauren Edgar: Good news: the MAHLI cover was successfully opened and the instrument is marked healthy again. That means it’s time to close the cover, and if that’s successful, drive away toward the next stop in the Bagnold Dunes Campaign.  I was the GSTL again and it was a pretty straightforward planning day.  On the first sol, we’ll acquire ChemCam observations on “Swanback” and “Rangely” to assess the composition of a ripple crest and a bright patch of bedrock.  We’ll also use Mastcam to image the rover deck to monitor the movement of fines. In the afternoon, we’ll close the MAHLI cover and run a few more diagnostics.  The second sol starts with an early science block for environmental monitoring, including Navcam and Mastcam observations to look for clouds and monitor the amount of dust in the atmosphere.  Later in the day we’ll use Navcam to search… [More at link]

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