Curiosity update: Time to hit the road again

FLB_544679755EDR_F0620108FHAZ00341M_Sol 1659-60, April 5, 2017, update by USGS scientist Lauren Edgar: Curiosity has been carrying out a great investigation at Ogunquit Beach, but we’re still working out some issues related to the drill feed, so the decision was made to drive away in today’s plan.  We’re driving away with a cache full of sand, so we can still deliver to CheMin and SAM in a future plan. 

I was the Geology Science Theme Lead today, and our plan was focused on picking up a few last observations at Ogunquit Beach before driving away.  The plan starts with APXS on undisturbed sand at the target “Pamola,” with corresponding MAHLI documentation images.  This observation will be helpful to compare to APXS results from the disturbed sand in the… [More at link]

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