Curiosity update: Remote science and drive on

NRB_550812743EDR_F0640252NCAM00312M_-br2Sol 1728, June 15, 2017, update by MSL scientist Rachel Kronyak: After a busy day of contact science yesterday, today’s plan was dedicated towards remote science and driving. As Mastcam PUL-1 today, I was fairly busy helping put together a suite of Mastcam images for Curiosity to take. These included mosaics of “Preble Cove” and “Fernald Point”, some nice blocks of the Murray formation just in front of the rover (Fernald Point is the block just in front of the rover wheel in the Navcam image above). We’ll then take a few images of “Freeman Ridge” to follow up on yesterday’s multispectral observation. We also planned… [More at link]

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