Curiosity update: Sand in our rearview

NRB_552944937EDR_F0642154NCAM07753M_-br2Sol 1752, July 10, 2017, update by MSL scientist Rachel Kronyak: Following a jam-packed weekend of contact and remote science on some beautiful sand deposits, the GEO group opted for mostly remote observations in today’s plan. ChemCam will target “Grogg Ledge,” a small patch of Murray bedrock in front of the rover. ChemCam will also use its Remote Micro-Imager (RMI) to take a long-distance mosaic of an interesting portion of Vera Rubin Ridge.

After our ChemCam activities, we’ll take a suite of Mastcam mosaics to finalize our coverage of the sand deposits that we looked at over the weekend. We’ll then drive, take some post-drive images, and perform a post-drive AEGIS observation. Later in the afternoon, we will conduct a SAM Electrical Baseline Test (EBT), which is designed to periodically monitor SAM’s electrical functions. We also have a series of ENV activities for today, including standard REMS and DAN during the day, and an early morning suite for tomorrow that includes a Mastcam tau, line-of-sight extinction, and Navcam zenith and suprahorizon movies… [More at link]

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