Curiosity update: Stereo party

NLB_557297702EDR_S0652720NCAM00294M_-br2Sol 1802, August 31, 2017, update by MSL scientist Rachel Kronyak: Curiosity’s drive on Sol 1801 brought us to an excellent location for some contact and remote science in today’s 3-sol plan (setting up for a long Labor Day weekend). We’ll kick off Sol 1802 with contact science (MAHLI + APXS) on the target called ‘Tyler,’ a region of Murray bedrock just in front of the rover.

We’ll then enter into a very full, science-packed remote science block, during which we’ll make a ChemCam LIBS observation on Tyler and take a number of Mastcam mosaics. These mosaics will look at sedimentary structures and layering within the beautifully exposed rocks of the VRR in front of us. The mosaics are fairly extensive and will document the targets named ‘Pettegrove Point,’ ‘Rumills Hub,’ ‘Mink Rocks,’ ‘The Downfall,’ and ‘Popplestone Ledge.’ The Navcam image above shows our Pettegrove Point target. As a Mastcam PUL-1 today, I was busy working with the Mastcam team and GEO group to put together our long list of imaging observations. Most of the Mastcam… [More at link]

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