Curiosity update: Studying a bedrock transition

NRB_569627657EDR_F0672478NCAM00280M_-br2Sol 1940-42, January 19, 2018, update by MSL scientist Ken Herkenhoff: The Sol 1939 drive went well, placing MSL next to the bright/dark transition seen at the right side of this image. In order to better understand the textural and chemical changes across this transition, the tactical team planned ChemCam and Right Mastcam observations of targets “Mallaig” and “Criffel” on either side of it. Mastcam will also acquire multispectral mosaics of the transition and of the material toward the south that shows evidence for clays in orbital data, smaller mosaics of nearby bedrock target “Fetlar” and the more distant “Hallival” target, and images of the Sun and the crater rim to measure the amount of dust in the atmosphere. But that’s just the beginning! Later on Sol 1940 the arm will be deployed to acquire full suites of MAHLI images of “Knoydart,” a block on the darker side of the transition, and of Mallaig. The APXS will be placed on Mallaig for a short integration, then on Knoydart for a longer, overnight… [More at link]

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