Curiosity: Running the ridge top, looking far

1986-navcamSol 1986, March 8, 2018. This day saw a 46-meter (150-foot) drive by Curiosity, again in the northeast direction along the top of Vera Rubin Ridge. The composite view above shows the end-of-drive position looking ahead in the same direction. Note the hummocky surface with “sand traps.”

In the distance at left are the dark Bagnold Dunes and the Murray Buttes, while in the upper left corner, the Peace Vallis stream channel can be glimpsed curving down out of the Gale Crater rim rocks (click the view to enlarge it).

On Sol 1985, one day before, the Mastcam used its 34mm lens to take a five-frame view (below) aimed in the direction of the following day’s long drive. Click either image to enlarge it.

Sol 1986 raw images (from all cameras), and Curiosity’s latest location.


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