Curiosity update: Roving for 2000 martian days

NLB_574954355EDR_F0682626NCAM00269M_-br2Sol 2000, March 22, 2018, update by MSL scientist Christopher Edwards: Today marks a milestone for Curiosity. Our trusty Martian rover has spent 2000 sols exploring Gale Crater helping to unravel the geologic history preserved in the rocks. We’ve observed a huge variety of past environments ranging from conglomerate rocks that indicate flowing surface water to mudstones that document a time when Gale crater contained an ancient lake. In today’s plan, Curiosity is continuing its exploration of past environments preserved within Gale crater, further examining the Vera Rubin Ridge. Curiosity is continuing to make its way to the location where the strongest orbital signature of… [More at link]

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