Curiosity: Red Cliff drive-away

2039-navcamSol 2039, May 2, 2018. After shooting another Remote Micro-Imager composite of Red Cliff (below), Curiosity drove 43 meters (140 feet) to the southwest, away from the overlook which offered the view to the cliff. In the Navcam composite above Red Cliff lies in the distance on the left beyond the cylindrical low-gain antenna, and Curiosity’s wheel tracks are visible stretching behind the rover. The summit of Mt. Sharp can be seen above the ridgetop.

In the new RMI composite below, much rubble and sand litters the cliff slope, yet thin, basically horizontal layers are visible in many of the bedrock outcrops within the image. Click either image to enlarge it.

Sol 2039 raw images (from all cameras), and Curiosity’s latest location.


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