Curiosity update: Enjoying the views

NRB_578251489EDR_F0700240NCAM00297M_-br2Sol 2038, April 30, 2018, update by MSL scientist Rachel Kronyak: A successful drive in the weekend plan set Curiosity up nicely for a full sol of contact and remote science. The main priority during planning today was to image the outcrop we’ve called “Red Cliff,” a beautiful vertical cliff face seen in the mid-field of the Navcam image above.

We’ll use both the ChemCam RMI and Mastcam to image Red Cliff, which will give us a really nice, well-rounded dataset in order to fully characterize the features and sedimentary structures present in the outcrop. Aside from imaging, we’ll assess some local bedrock targets. With ChemCam LIBS, we’ll analyze targets “Paulsen Lake,” “Negaunee,” and “Nashwauk.” With MAHLI and APXS, we’ll perform… [More at link]

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